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Sustainable travelling!?

I dream about a better world where we all care about Mother earth in all the matters that we do. But is it even possible? I think it is. I think that it used to be like that, a long time ago, when there was no industrialization, consumption, greed and plastic on this planet. I am not saying that I want to like in the stone age, but I do want this planet to last longer than it can, with the way we live and abuse it today.

We want to be comfortable and live in abundance. We want to have a great party every day, but we won’t clean up or pay for the consequences of this way of living. To take responsibility and to be more sustainable can also be overwhelming, because where to start?

In this blog we want to share with you some of the amazing places in Andalusia that you can visit, being a sustainable traveler, with or without ‘my Green Andalusia’. Nature, villages, yoga places and also blog posts with inspiration to how you can live more sustainable in your daily life. Stay tuned and you can also subscribe to our newsletter.