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Via Verde means “green way” and there are a lot of them in Spain, about 2700 km in total. They are usually unused rail-ways that are turned into hiking routes that can be visited by foot or bike. They are flat and easy routes and in lovely surroundings in nature. You can find the routes on this webpage.

In November I visited the Via Verde Sierra – Green way Sierra, in the province of Cadiz. Well I did more than just visit, I walked. But not the whole way. The route is 36 km long and goes between the villages Puerto Serrano and Olvera. We started in Olvera and walked towards Puerto Serrano. There are not many of them in Spain, but it was a rainy day but still a very beautiful walk. Actually you get a different feeling of being alive and sensing nature and the smells, when it rains.

I am from Denmark and used to rain and being outside in rainy weather, so it was not something new, but I had forgotten how nature smells when it rains. The plants smell stronger and other animals and insects appear. If you just wear clothes that a suitable, a walk in the rain can be just as joyful as a walk in the sun. You might even feel that you are being cleaned. We were also lucky that the sun peeked out sometimes and gave us smile.

This green way is 36,5 km long, you get to cross 4 viaducts, go through 30 tunnels and you can rest/stay at 5 different old railway stations that has been turned into hotels. One, in Puerto Serrano, where train wagons has been made into small apartments. You can also do the route on bike, rent bikes in either Puerto Serrano or in Olvera, that is my plan to do in springtime.

If you can’t wait, you can book me as a guide on a trip for you, a group, your family or friends. See more here.


About the hiking route

On this tour you get to see hills and small mountains, rivers, lakes and also a natural reserve by a rock, that is a very important fauna enclave, especially because it houses the largest nesting colony of griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) in Western Andalusia and one of the largest in Europe. So, if you love nature, there is some nice things to experience here. At some point I will do a tour to go here, so you can join me, if you want to. Read more about this specific green way here.

See my pictures to get a feeling about the route. I really found it special to walk in, what feels like, the middle of nowhere, and passing through tunnels, crossing bridges, passing by ruins, goats on their daily walk and looking out on beautiful hills, while walking in silence.

Hiking the Via verde
Hiking the Via verde
Yes, this is the meditation of life, hiking in nature!